Stressed Cat?

5 Signs of Stress in Cats and How You Can Help

Think you might have a stressed cat? In a world where “stress” is a noun, a verb, an adjective and a near-constant status for humans, is it any wonder that our cats experience stress too? They may not watch the news or fret over finances, but cats can feel real stress, even beyond the fleeting “I won’t get in the carrier because you’ll take me to the vet, and she might stick me with a needle!” variety that most cats feel.

 “Absolutely, cats can get stressed,” says Yody Blass, a certified animal behaviorist by the National Association of Animal Behaviorists, and owner and director of Companion Animal Behavior in Leesburg, Virginia. “Cats in general prefer everything to be status quo and do not particularly like change of any kind. The majority of cats I work with that exhibit behavior issues also have anxiety or stress issues.”

There are several signs of stress in cats to look for if you suspect your cat is feeling anxious or upset. Once you identify the symptoms, and rule out any health issues, you can work on alleviating the stressors and creating a calming environment for your cat.

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